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Start earning more with Women focused advertising.

AdPink is the first ad network focusing on women related creators and advertising. Our goal is to bring diversity into the world of advertising and bring empowerment to women -owned businesses through advertising and marketing.

“…ads that are actually worth showing

Google AdX

All other ad networks + Prebid competing for each ad impression bringing you higher revenue.

Single Tag

to put in your website header and you start monetizing.


Setup and your site is monetized immediately with the best ad partners and highest CPM rates.

No Traffic

Really, if you have no traffic at all we will accept you. AdPink is for all publishers.

What makes us different


Provides Google Ad Exchange, additional networks and Prebid in a single tag.

We work with

International traffic and have best advertisers for any continent wether it is America, Europe, or Asia.


30 payment terms with payment threshold of $100 USD.

Easy and Fast

Fast approval and immediate monetization with a single tag setup.

AdPink Better
  • ☑ Access to Google Ad Exchange and other top Ad Networks
  • ☑ Single Tag Setup
  • ☑ No minimum traffic requirements
  • ☑ Higher CPM rates than AdSense or other networks
  • ☑ Included Prebid

AdPink is Safe and Trustworthy

We reach women at every age and stage, through our ecosystem of premium, diverse, publishers and creators. Our next-gen targeting is engineered to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time to ensure optimal engagement and outcome.

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